Source: Sherman Publications


September 21, 2011

Home invasion

On Sept. 13, a Brandon deputy responded to the 2100 block of Allen Court for a home invasion. The complainant said he was checking on his parentsí home and fouknd the front door had been kicked in. His parents were last there three days prior and everything was fine. Dressers and closets were open, but nothing appeared missing.

Wallet pilfered

On Sept. 16, a Brandon deputy took a larceny report. The complainant, a Brandon High School student, said her wallet was stolen between 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m., Sept. 15 while she was at the Oakland Technical Institute. She said she left her wallet in her bag while she was in another room and when she got on the bus to go back to BHS, she discovered her wallet was missing. The case is open.


On Sept. 16, a Brandon deputy on patrol was advised of a valid Friend of the Court warrant for a suspect spotted driving a blue pickup truck in the 3800 block of Hadley Road. The deputy spotted the truck in the area, made a stop and the female driver with the warrant was taken to the Oakland County Jail.


On Sept. 16, a Brandon deputy responded to Ortonville Road just north of Viola for a report of suspicious circumstances. The complainant said she had just picked up her grandchildren from school when her driverís door window glass suddenly burst, with the majority of glass falling inside the vehicle and on her lap. She regained control of her vehicle and pulled over on to the shoulder. She and the children were fine. There was no other damage to the vehicle and no projectiles were found. There was no suspicious persons or activity in the area. The damage is believed to have possibly been caused by a thrown rock from a northbound vehicle tire.

Foggy fight

On Sept. 18, a Brandon deputy took a report of an assault and battery that occurred at around 2:30 a.m., Sept. 17 alongside M-15 near Allen Road. The complainant said he and three friends were at a local establishment until closing time at 2 a.m. They left on foot southbound on M-15 and as they neared Allen Road, there was an altercation with two or more male subjects. The complainant only remembers being struck, falling down, and being kicked. He doesnít know the suspects, who were named by others involved. Two passersby intervened to stop the fight. The complainant went to a friendís home and later that day, went to the hospital for treatment of a broken jaw and ruptured eardrum. The complainant was recently honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. His friend was also assaulted with an unknown weapon and needed five stapes to close a head wound. The case is open.