Source: Sherman Publications

Letter to the Editor
A call to cover city-caused vandalism

September 28, 2011

Dear Editor,

Perhaps if there were places for kids to go and do something there would be less vandalism ("Vandals cause problems in downtown Depot Park," Sept. 14).

It seems we have nothing but rules for what you can't do. Don't skateboard, don't run, don't ride your bike, don't pick the flowers, don't be in the park, etc.

How about giving everyone some reasons to be outside instead of more complaints and rules that only further limit anyone from doing anything. At the moment there seems to be no plan other than fix it again and complain.

Perhaps someone will write about all the light pole bases, curbs, sprinklers, mail box posts and other items that have been damaged "accidentally" by the city.

It is not called vandalism but we all have to pay for it again and again, but no one complains.

Cory Johnston