Source: Sherman Publications

The right people

September 28, 2011

(In response to Fire millage passesóbarely, The Citizen, Sept. 24, page 1) My recent readings of the The Citizen have brought to light for me something that is quite possibly well known by others in this community, however, I make no presumptions. I found something in the article I expected and didnít expect at the same time. The story made for interesting reading thanks mainly to Terry Beltramo, the township treasurer. I never expected to see such political maneuvering at such a basic level of government for something that was, in effect, a done deal. I suppose that there are going to be those with varying opinions on the handling of this event since each township residentís expectations of government can differ. For me, I see this as a referendum on the up and coming inevitability the citizenry in this township, as well as others, are facing. There are good and there are not so good politicians and it is up to the voters to sort that out at the ballot box. However, in the meantime, it the responsibility of those who would be a good politician to do whatever is necessary to subvert the actions of the not so good politicians using whatever tools they have at their disposal.

It is this readerís opinion that, however unprofessional Terryís actions may seem, they are the byproduct of a culmination of a clash of ideals that has been a long time in the making. I believe that there is voter frustration with politicians who continue to rubber stamp expenditures and tax increases with flawed surveys and polling data without any real concern for real world voter sentiments, especially when they are staring at solutions that are right in front of them. We are all familiar with these solutions as they are the very same solutions that every single tax payer applies to their own household budgets.

The impact to my budget by this latest board approval is minor, but it fails to address the fundamental problem within the township budget. As with our own household budgets, when times are good and we spend every dime of income without any thought for the future history has demonstrated time and time again how bad that turns out. A good example of proper budgeting techniques is in this same issue of the Citizen on the same page. Apparently Atlas Township is experiencing a 270 percent budget surplus at this time due to fiscal conservancy and future planning or more simply put Ė they didnít spend every dime they had and run a township to excess. This demonstrates that with the right people you can prevent budget shortfalls.

David Albrecht