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Water needed at BMS

September 28, 2011

I am writing to the community as a concerned parent of a middle school child, and as an advocate for the other children in our middle school. I think that the rule about not being able to bring a water bottle to and from classes is not just ridiculous but harmful to our children’s health. Middle School is a hard enough transition as it is, without putting this stress on their bodies too. I don’t know how many parents realize this or not…but WATER is essential to our functioning, and our kids just don’t have enough time to squeeze a drink in on their 4 minute break between classes. They can barely make it to the next class on time. God forbid that they might have to use the restroom too. In between classes in a hurried rush is not sufficient time to get the water that your body needs daily (8-8oz glasses) minimum. The water fountains in the school are not healthy, and not sanitary. How many times have they told the kids in BFIS not to drink from the water fountain...not to mention the lines of kids waiting to try to get a drink before the next bell rings? No stress there, huh?

More importantly is the harmful effects that come from not drinking enough water. Such as, tiredness, irritability, fatigue, lack of concentration, migraines/headaches, constipation, and muscle cramps, irregular blood pressure, kidney problems, dry skin, and dehydration. Dehydration is huge…it can lead to death. If you don’t believe me- then Google the benefits of water. Our body is made up of water! Our brain consists of 90% water, if you don’t supply enough water to your body, your brain can not function well, and you will get a headache/migraine…which can be a sign of dehydration. Our muscles are 75% water, our blood is 83% water, and water is vital to our functioning. Water transports nutrients and oxygen into our cells, moisturizes our lungs, and helps with metabolism, it protects are vital organs, regulates body temperature, and detoxifies our bodies, it protects our joints. If you want the best performance from your child both mentally and physically – I guess you better get a Doctor’s excuse so that they can have the water they need.

It isn’t like we are asking for our children to carry pop, or juice, or energy drinks….just WATER. If elementary, intermediate, and high school students can be trusted with a water bottle in the classroom….why not our middle school children? I have been told that if I want my child to be able to drink water freely throughout the day then I need to get a doctor’s excuse. When I called my Doctor’s office they agreed that they have never heard of such a ridiculous rule. I have my doctor excuse for my child, and he will get to drink enough water throughout the day to stay healthy and be at his best. But I think some rules were meant to be broken….and this is definitely one of them.

Thank you, Patty Schulze

Patty Schulze