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Letter to the Editor
Parent upset by school phone call

October 12, 2011

Dear Editor,

I sat silently at dinner last evening trying to revive my shocked senses after receiving a blast phone call from Clarkston's Superintendent of Propaganda, Rod Rock, thanking me for giving Clarkston teachers the freedom to pursue professional development.

I will never understand this program and how or why taking instruction time from my son is in his best interests so our teachers can "use data to support thinking" or some such nonsense.

Technically, I didn't give anyone permission to do anything. I didn't vote on a proposal or engage in a debate or discussion. No, this decision was made with no public input, and I was thanked via use of the most impersonal political tactic imaginable.

A one-way, blast phone call. I have a suggestion. I think parents should be allowed to audit the teacher development meetings on late start days. Personally, I just have to experience what "using data to support thinking" looks like. Having studied many of the great propagandists of all time my gut feeling is the real activity is "drinking coffee to wash down donuts."

Michael Palese

Independence Township