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Words from the Sup't:Dr. Rod Rock
Delayed start for teaching teachers

October 12, 2011

As you know, Clarkston Community Schools adopted a new teacher professional learning plan for the 2011-12 school year, including delayed start Wednesdays.

I want to take this opportunity to communicate to you some additional details of this plan and notify you as to what you can expect as a result.

Our professional learning includes every teacher and administrator. It improves our teacher and principal effectiveness and enhances student learning.

We use this time for teachers and administrators to work in teams, have conversations about student learning, use data on their students’ learning to support thinking, and to focus on reaching all learners through the creation of stronger learning communities.

In a nutshell, this is the look and feel of our professional learning:

“The image of the future would be a group of teachers sitting around a table talking about their students’ work, learning and asking, ‘what do we need to do differently to get the work we would like from the kids?’” —Dennis Sparks

Our first delayed start on Wednesday, Oct. 5, involved creating ongoing plans for communication, learning, decision-making, and identifying proposed outcomes.

We examined our new mission, vision, and learner profile (provided on page two of this letter) in relation to class content, reflected on data, and set next steps.

During our second delayed start on October 19, teams of teachers and administrators will continue these conversations.

Thank you again for your support as we embark on this new professional learning plan.

Essentially, you’ve given teachers and administrators the gift of time to collaborate around their students’ learning.

Thus, we are accountable to you to ensure that our professional learning enhances students’ learning.

If you have any questions or wish to offer feedback, please contact me at:

Mission Statement:

The mission of Clarkston Community Schools is to cultivate thinkers, learners, and positive contributors to a global society.

Vision Statement:

Each Clarkston Community Schools’ student is fully engaged in a globally focused education, from preschool through graduation, that fosters in her/him a sense of self, perspective, responsibility/ownership, and contribution.

Learner Profile:

Clarkston Community Schools’ students are thoughtful, contributing members of society who possess the behaviors, skills and attitudes to continue to learn and adapt to a diverse and dynamic global society.

Our curious and imaginative students exhibit critical thinking and problem solving skills, are effective oral and written communicators, and can access and analyze information.

Clarkston Community Schools’ learners, as successful 21st Century citizens, effectively use technology. They nimbly apply these skills throughout life in academic, social, and emotional situations.

Superintendent Dr. Rod Rock is superintendent of Clarkston Community Schools.