Source: Sherman Publications

Obama visits Orion

October 19, 2011

President Obama and South Koreaís President Lee visited the GM Orion Assembly plant last Friday to tout the new free trade agreement between the two countries. The new Chevrolet Sonic subcompact that is built at the plant is a collaborative effort between GMís operations here and in South Korea. Plans are to sell the car in both countries. President Obama also reiterated how his administrationís 2009 bailout of GM and Chrysler played a key role in saving the U.S. auto industry and preserved thousands of jobs, including those at the recently reopened Orion Assembly plant. Local politicians Matt Gibb, Oakland County lieutenant executive and Township Supervisor JoAnn Van Tassel, both in attendance, said GMís decision to maintain the plant was actually driven in large part by the new UAW wage package at the facility, plus very generous tax incentive packages from the state and Orion Township. Photo by G. Ouzounian