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A truly grand opening!
What folks were saying

October 19, 2011

There was definitely no shortage of compliments Saturday as members of the public toured, utilized and enjoyed the new Addison Township Public Library during the facility’s grand opening.

Here’s what folks were saying;

“It looks like a wonderful improvement,” said Leonard resident Eric Wright, who attended the opening with his son Eli, 2, and daughter Norah, 6. “There’s so many things here for the kids that were stored away in corners (at the old library) and now, they’re out in the open. They love it already.”

“I think it’s going to become the community center that this township has sorely lacked,” said Joel King, of Addison. “It’s going to do more to pull the township together as a community than anything we’ve seen since we moved here.”

“It’s pretty cool. It’s a lot bigger than the old one,” said Addison resident Kevin Kindermann, who attended the opening with his 3-year-old son, Matt. “It looks like they’ve got a little room to grow now and that’s always nice.”

“I love it,” said Addison resident Catherine Compton. “It’s so big and roomy. I used to sit on the floor at the other library, looking at the books. Everything was so crammed together . . . I’m so glad that they finally expanded the library.”

“I think it’s beautiful,” said Leonard resident Carol Balint, who attended the opening with her daughters Danyelle, 9, and Alexis, 12. “There’s more books. Everything’s organized a lot better. There’s a better area for the kids.”

“It seems like it has a lot more for the kids,” said Leonard resident Julie Carr, who attended the opening with her son, Liam, 4. “My son loves to read. This is going to be his favorite spot now. He’ll take this over a playground any time.”

“I’m kind of impressed,” Addison resident Georgene Thomas, who worked at the library for 6˝ years. “The old space was a little bit crowded. Here, you can actually put the books away. You don’t have to pile them or try to crowd them in. We’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

“It’s a 1,000 percent improvement over what they had as far as space and visibility,” said Addison resident Gene Louwaert, the local contractor who oversaw the library project. “I think they’ll have a great future in this building.”

“We’ve been waiting a long time for it to open,” said Leonard resident Heather Creps, who attended the opening with her son Ethan, 2 and daughter Kaitlyn, 5. “It’s beautiful. Lots of great books for kids . . . There’s a lot more space here, it’s easy to find things and it’s really bright.”

“I can finally see all the books we have. They were so piled in before,” said Carol Beens, of Addison. “I love seeing the new kids’ reading area. I’m a retired teacher, so to see kids reading is just wonderful.”