Source: Sherman Publications

Groveland Township
Synopsis of 10-I1-2011

October 19, 2011


Groveland Twp. Board 10-I1-2011

Call To Order & Roll Call

Approved: Consent Agenda

Budget Amendment, Accts Payable

September 11, 2011

Add to Agenda: Discuss 2011 Public Service & Dead Tree in Mt. Olive Cemetery

CDBG Public Hearing For 2012 Application $14,172

Approved 2011 Public Service Contract Neighbor to Neighbor


Approved Paid Holiday Revision for Twp. and Fire Dept. Personnel


Approved Accepting Credit Cards

Tabled Ameriscan Til November 2011 Mtg.

Approved Supporting MTA Concerning Consumers Energy

Approved Ordinancee #182 & 183

Approved Appointing Megan Dugan to Holly Youth Assistance

Approved Arbor View Bid to Remove Tree in Mt. Olive Cemetery

FIRE BOARD: No Action Required

Patti Bach

Recording Secretary

Publish in The Citizen 10-22-11