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Leader Editorial
Help OXFD win $10K by taking quiz

October 26, 2011

From burning homes to medical emergencies to car crashes on M-24, Oxford firefighters are always there when township and village residents need them most.

Now, itís time to return the favor.

The fire department has a golden opportunity to win $10,000 through a contest being run by the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.

Liberty Mutual will give $10,000 each to the top 10 communities who rally behind their fire department by visiting and taking a simple 10-question fire safety quiz.

Residents will be asked 10 basic questions about fire safety in the home. Itís not a pass/fail thing, so donít worry, no studying or preparation is required. Itís simply a way to get residents thinking and discussing the topic of fire safety with their families.

After taking the quiz, residents will be asked to enter the name of the fire department they wish to see awarded credit for their efforts.

ďYou do not need to be an Oxford resident to credit our department,Ē explained Oxford Fire Capt. Ron Jahlas. ďSimply list us as the department (that) gets credit for your efforts.Ē

The 10 communities with the most entries will be given $10,000 each. Six of those awards will go to medium-sized communities like Oxford.

Since the contest was established in 2009, two Michigan fire departments have benefited Ė Bay City and Tittabawassee. Oxford Township could be next!

The deadline for entries is Monday, Oct. 31 so donít delay, take the quiz today. All thatís needed to participate is an active e-mail address.

Think back to all the times the Oxford Fire Department has helped you, a loved one, a friend or a neighbor.

This is our chance to help the brave men and women who put everything on the line everyday to save lives and protect property in the community we love.

If we all take just a few minutes out of our busy schedules to help the department win $10,000 and that money is used to buy new equipment that helps make Oxford a safer place, isnít it worth it? We think so.

Grab those mouse devices and start clicking. Ė CJC