Source: Sherman Publications

Adler retires, plans on more sailing

November 02, 2011

After 11 years, Ed Adler is stepping down as chairman of Clarkston Financial Corp., holding company for Clarkston State Bank.

“I’ve been at this for almost 11 years – I’m not a kid anymore,” said the 72 year-old Adler. “I have everything I want, except time and I want to spend it wisely.”

As an avid wooden antique boat collector, he hopes to do what is known as the “Great Loop,” a trip around the Great Lakes and through the Erie Canal and Hudson River to the Atlantic Ocean, then around the coast to the mouth of the Mississippi River, up the Mississippi to the Ohio River, and back to Lake Erie.

“If you get to be in your 70s and you have things like this you want to do that require you to be real active, you better get at it,” he said.

Adler also served two terms as chairman as Pontiac Stadium Authority, appointed by former Gov. John Engler.

Adler said he actually would have resigned as chairman of Clarkston’s Financial Corp a couple years ago, if the bank would have been in better shape. In September, Clarkston Bank was removed from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.’s list of troubled banks.