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Latest in hair replacement at Mr. G's

by Phil Custodio

November 09, 2011

For Clarkston grad Chris Loridas, one day changed the rest of his life.

"It completely changed my look Ė I felt 10 years younger," said Loridas, a client of Mr. Gís Hair Care Center, 5874 Dixie Highway. "The finished result is unbelievable."

He underwent hair replacement treatment at Mr. G's in May 2010. His procedure included moving 1-3 hairs at a time from donor area to scalp.

He went from total hair loss on top of his head to a full head of hair, with more growing in.

Hair transplants have had many advances over the past 20 years, said Mr. G's owner Richard Ayers.

"All cosmetic procedures have improved 100 percent, hair transplant most of all," Ayers said. "It's less invasive, hair grows more quickly and looks much more natural. Hair transplant used to take 7-8 sessions, and today, it can be done in one session."

Hair starts to grow about three months after surgery, then continues to grow.

"It's new growth, and comes in relatively quickly, about half an inch per month," Ayers said. "Years ago, it didn't look as good. Now, you have a very natural look."

"It's fantastic to have hair," Loridas said.

Mr. Gís has performed hundreds of procedures for men and women in the area over the past decades.

"If there's an issue, weíre right here Ė our reputation is very good," Ayers said.

Hair transplant is 80 percent art, 20 percent surgery, he said.

"We draw the hair line that will be with you until the day you die," Ayers said. "We look at the individual not just as he or she looks today, but what they will look like at 30, 40, 50 years old. It will last a lifetime so itís important to be happy with it. I always insist the work done is the best it can be."

The process starts with a free, confidential consultation in the Clarkston office.

"It's mostly for education so there are no surprises," Ayers said. "We make sure the client understands what happens at every stage."

No one walks through the door and immediately signs up, he said.

"Itís an investment in yourself, but it can be scary to consider," he said. "It takes confidence to make the decision. We walk you through the entire procedure to help you reach your goal. But if baldness bothers you, donít let fear stop you. Thereís something you can do about it."

The cost depends on how much hair is needed, but is lower than it used to be, Ayers said.

"When itís done, thatís it,Ē he said. ďIt's a long term type of thing. Itís done all at once. That makes a big difference."

The transplant is an outpatient procedure using local anesthetic. Loridasí procedure was on a Friday, and he was back to work the following Monday.

"The pain is like a dental procedure," he said. "I was comfortable and awake."

"It's very simple today, with much less surgery involved," Ayers said. "It heals very quickly with no scarring."

Loridas said his new hair gives him confidence in his personal and professional life.

"It's important to me to maintain a good, groomed look," he said.

Hair replacement isnít life-or-death, but it improves life, Ayers said.

"Itís an interior thing. If baldness makes you uncomfortable, it's something that never goes away," he said. "This is for men who liked their hair, lost it, and want it back."

Loridas wore a baseball cap everyday for 25 years.

"Now I donít have to Ė I havenít worn one for the last year and a half," he said. "Itís unbelievable, so new to me. It's nice not have to wear a hat."

For more information, call 248-623-9220.