Source: Sherman Publications

One armed robbery suspect in custody, police still looking for other two men

by CJ Carnacchio

November 09, 2011

One of the men allegedly responsible for a Nov. 1 armed robbery at Village Manor Apartments of Pontiac St. in Oxford Village is in custody, but police are still searching for the other suspects, a white male and a black male.

According to Police Chief Mike Neymanowski, the 46-year-old man, whose last known address was in Orion, turned himself in at the village station on Nov. 3.

Police had previously visited the suspect’s father in Orion and explained to him how important it was to convince his son to turn himself in. “And that’s what happened – dad brought him in here,” Neymanowski said.

No criminal charges have been issued against the suspect because police are hoping to use information he’s given them to help find and successfully prosecute his alleged accomplices.

“The one we have in custody may be our main witness against the other guys,” the chief said. “He definitely didn’t have the gun, so we’re going after the guy with the gun.”

The suspect is currently lodged in the Oakland County Jail as there was a warrant out for his arrest on felony drunk driving charges based in Marquette.

The man in custody apparently knew the 44-year-old woman he allegedly helped rob.

In a nutshell, the woman let the suspect inside the apartment building, he “cased” the place, left, then returned to her door with his two accomplices who had been waiting in the parking lot, according to Neymanowski.

They knock, the door opens and “the (other) two rush in and do the stick up,” he said.

The other two suspects were wearing hoods over their heads and bandanas over their faces. According to the chief, the black suspect had a handgun.

The trio allegedly stole a purse from the woman with an undetermined amount of cash in it along with a cell phone. From her 34-year-old live-in boyfriend, they allegedly stole $140 in cash.

Neymanowski said the other two suspects are possibly in the Pontiac area. “That’s the last information we have,” he said.