Source: Sherman Publications

Hein wins $1K from McDonald’s

by Andrew Moser

November 09, 2011

Given the cost of college is increasing twice as fast as the increase of annual income, every dollar a student can get for college is welcomed.

2011 Oxford High School graduate Samantha Hein received a welcome suprise when she found out she was selected as a recepient of a McDonald’s employee scholarship.

Hein was one of 17 recipents of a $1,000 scholarship from the Southeastern Michigan McDonald’s Operators Association (SEMMOA).

“It was a great honor,” Hein said. I was very happy afterwords and very proud.”

Hein is a freshman at Central Michigan University, where she is studying Secondary Education and Math. She added she is planning on coming back to work over Christmas break and next summer.

The scholarship may be applied to any educational-related expense, such as tuition, books, classroom materials or housing.

“It’s no secret that the cost of education is on the rise,” said Elaine Perry, the SEMMOA public relations chair and a McDonald’s owner/operator. “Our scholarship program helps ease the financial burden of pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree on employees whose achievements stand out among an exceptional pool of applicants.”

Hein, who has worked at the McDonalds in Oxford for the past 16 months, was chosen because of her strong commitment to both her work and performance in the classroom.

“She is friendly, she is spunky, she is real quick and a hustler and one of the best employees that we have,” said McDonald’s manager Joe Hodak. “She is great with customers and we are kind of looking forward to see if she is coming back to work for the holidays.”

Hein was required to write a 500-word essay on how McDonalds has influenced her life. “I wrote that McDonald’s taught me a lot of teamwork, communication skills and how to handle myself professionally.”