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Athlete of The Week
Next stop, college

by Wendi Reardon

November 16, 2011

With a signature and a smile senior Katie Brozovich became a Lady Falcon on Nov. 9 after signing her letter of intent to play tennis at Bowling Green State University.

"This is an exciting day for our family," said mom, Missy. "We are so proud of Katie."

"I am really excited," Katie added. "I am really excited to go to Bowling Green. Clarkston has been so supportive during my tennis and academic career. I am ready to move on to the next step."

Katie plans to study psychology and become a psychiatrist while she plays for Coach Penny Dean.

"The Bowling Green team is very dedicated as students as well as athletes," Missy said. "The team was recently given an award for having the best GPA of any sports team at the school. They appreciate the balance that they are students first and athletes second.

Katie was five years old when she had her first group lesson in tennis at Deer Lake Athletic Club but backed away from the sport after she was accidentally hit by a tennis racket.

"Since then I had been turned off from it," she explained. "I was always scared of getting hit by the other kids."

Katie began playing again when she was ten and had gotten over being hit. Plus one of her good friends had taken lessons and family members were really good at the sport. The lessons led to tournaments and the urge to be better.

"I learned more about how much opportunity it leads to if I play hard and do great at tournaments, work up the rankings and do well in high school," she added.

"Katie is an extremely hard worker," said Joe Stafford, privately coaching Katie for five years. "She loves tennis. She will play with anyone at anytime. Bowling Green is going to be happy with her because she is going to bring 100 percent every day in practice and every match."

Katie finished her junior year as state champion in Singles #3 and helped the Lady Wolves win the title of state champions in Division 1.

Her goal for her fourth and final year on the varsity team is to keep up the momentum and bring home another state title.

"Some people play tennis and some people are tennis players," said Stafford. "Katie is a tennis player. She will play her whole life."