Source: Sherman Publications

Turkey trotters race for birds

by Andrew Moser

November 23, 2011

Despite a chill in the early morning air, 153 runners and walkers descended upon Seymour Lake Township Park Nov. 13 for some fun and exercise.

But most importantly, they trotted to try and win a free turkey.

The Oxford Twp. Parks and Recreation Department held their annual “Turkey Trot” on Saturday, Nov. 12. The event consists of folks either running a 5-kilometer course or walking a 2-kilometer route.

This year, runners were seperated into 11 different categories. The winners received a free 20-25 pound frozen turkey courtesy of Meijer. A total of 21 turkeys were given away this year.

The overall winner was Jules Winfield, of Lake Orion. He ran a time of 17:29. The top female was Oxford High School freshmen Jenna Feeney, who ran a 22:19.

Individual winners were:

Elementary School - Male: Dean Klingensmith (32:43); Female: Maddie Yaek (25:20).

Middle School - Male: Dominic Bruce (21:15); Female: Kailee Rakes (26:27).

High School - Male: Ryan Gillespie (17:52); Female: Jenna Feeney (22:19).

19-29 - Male: Tim Rowland (17:57); Female: Hillary Mason (23:32).

30-39 - Male: Jules Winfield: (17:29); Female: Peggy McQueen (23:27).

40-49 - Male: David Okasinski (21:40); Female: Leigh Ruedisueli (27:12)

50-59 - Male: Donald Richmond (21:17); Female: Lori Sanborn (24:53).

60-69 - Male: Michael Curtis (25:00); Female: Susan Ginter (37:13).

70 & Over - Male: Carl Ruebelman (28:24).

2K Walk 39 & Under - Male: Luke Cusick (N/A); Female: Christina Guccione (N/A).

2k Walk 40 & Over - Male: Thomas Cusick (N/A); Female: Debbie Van Every (N/A).