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Phil In The Blank
Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio
Changing seasons

November 30, 2011

Christmas season is here. How did that happen? Now I have to get my Christmas tree and decorations up. If I procrastinate, the season will pass and it will be time for New Year’s.

Thanksgiving went by quickly. My brother and his family drove from Virginia to spend the holiday with me and my parents up in Davison.

Those watching my update show at saw some of them. I invited the kids to sing a Thanksgiving song – they know lots of them.

Helen, Annie, Mary, Paul, and Tommy took me up on it. James, Liz, and David Jr. were busy doing other stuff (my brother has a big family).

It’s in the “daily update” slot, so it won’t be there long, but check them out if you want to.

In a few short weeks the political season gets into full swing. It’s already started for many – check out Michael Tynan’s guest viewpoint on page 22.

It’s a presidential election year. President Obama, will he stay or go? Who will the Republicans put up against the incumbent?

But it’s big locally too, with the entire Independence and Springfield township boards all up for a vote.

Some guidelines for candidates:

No promises on candidate stories. If you’re running, you are not entitled to a story in the Clarkston News. What you may be entitled to is inclusion in our special election coverage pages or a special section, with candidate responses to a set of questions and issues.

We’ll also have one or more moderated debates for the website.

Feature stories are possible. Residents deciding to throw their hats into the political process make interesting stories.

I wouldn’t try to time a feature story on yourself or your candidate for maximum impact, or anything like that. This has been a Republican dominated area for a while, so these elections have been determined in the primary in August. As the election gets closer, less space and time will be available.

So my advice is to file as soon as you can. It’s an important job so think long and hard but make up your mind already.