Source: Sherman Publications

Looking for a comeback

by Wendi Reardon

November 30, 2011

Icers learned a hard lesson on the rink in their opening game of their Thanksgiving Showcase when they lost in the third period to South Lyon Unified, 8-6.

"The first two periods we played well," said Clarkston Varsity Hockey Coach Bryan Krygier. "The third period we gave the game away."

Junior Adam Larkin set the pace for the Wolves scoring the first goal and putting the boys on the board.

Sophomore Jacob LaPorte scored the next goal to capture the lead for Clarkston.

Sophomore Chase Wiedemann passed the puck in front of South Lyon's net to teammate senior Adam Bruderick. Bruderick used the opportunity to put a shot, putting it into the left corner of the net with 4:39 remaining in the first period put the Wolves ahead, 3-1.

South Lyon opened the second period with a goal 20 seconds in after getting the puck away from Clarkston's possession.

Wiedemann added his shot to the board nine minutes later to give the Wolves another boost.

South Lyon's Blake Robertson added one more goal to put his team one goal behind.

The Wolves answered by scoring two more goals less than two minutes later. The first came when Wiedeman grabbed possession of the puck from a face off near South Lyon's goal. He shot the puck back to Larkin.

As defenders closed in, Larking swung his hockey stick and the puck slid through and opening and into the net.

Bruderick scored the second goal, sending both teams into the last period, 6-3.

"Everything we shot went in those two periods," said Krygier.

South Lyon came out strong in the third period and with a new goalie in the net, scored five goals while keeping Clarkston's efforts at zero.

"The guys had a lack of effort, lack of enthusiasm and they didn't go out there to win," Krygier said about the last period. "They switched their goalie which gave them momentum to get some goals. We gave them the puck. We gave them opportunities to come back and beat us."

The boys finished the showcase on Saturday afternoon with a loss to Brighton, 8-0.

"Brighton is a better team," Krygier said before the game. "It definitely does not get easier. Plus we are playing on a bigger sheet of ice and it gives them more room to move out there."

The boys go into their next set of games with a 0-4 record.

"They need to work hard and finish a game," said Krygier looking ahead. "You canít sit on a three goal lead against a good team."

The Wolves host St. Clair Shores on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. and play in their first OAA Red league game against Birmingham Unified (0-2) on Saturday at 3 p.m. Both games are at Detroit Skate Club. They head to Plymouth Cultural Center for their game against Salem next Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.