Source: Sherman Publications

Eagle project livens space with color

by Phil Custodio

December 07, 2011

Lawrence Jasinski III of Independence Township organized a three-day painting project for Clarkston Co-op Preschool for his Eagle Scout project.

The scout with Troop 185 led the project to paint the meeting hall and preschool at Clarkston United Methodist Church.

"I was looking for a project for a while," he said. "I went to Clarkston Co-op Preschool, and my brother and sister go there. They told me they needed some painting done."

He had to prepare a plan, raise funds, recruit volunteers, and manage the work. The group of about 30 volunteers painted the preschool classrooms in green, blue, purple, and other colors, as well as a mural.

"The colors liven up the atmosphere," he said. "I learned that with enough patience and time, something that big can come to life, and if you ask, people will come through for you."

He raised funds with family, friends, and local businesses including Lowe's in White Lake and Sherman Williams in Clarkston.

"There was a tremendous response," he said. "It was definitely something new for me. The volunteers worked well. They did all I asked plus some."

"He stepped it up," said Stacey Jasinski, his mother. "With his friends there, he got them to not slack off while maintaining their friendship. He did it really well. I was really impressed."

Lawrence has been in scounting since he was about 7 years old at Our Lady of the Lakes.

"It sounded fun so I tried it out," he said. "It's been good all the friends I made is huge."

He grew up in Independence Township with his parents Larry and Stacey Jasinski, and siblings John, Luke, Emily and Matilda. He is a junior at Orchard Lake High School, where he plays football and lacrosse.

After high school, he plans to look into studying writing or English, perhaps at the U.S. Naval Academy.