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Letter to the editor
Seek public input this time on 3 E. Church

December 14, 2011

Dear Editor,

Re: "City's leaving 3 E. Church," Dec. 7 edition, it is great that the city is at least considering this since 3 E. Church was originally a temporary solution to overcrowding at the Village Hall.

However, they did all of this, including hiring an architect, way back in 2000 and after all the work was done, decided to do nothing.

In the last 11 years they went to a full time police force and had three police cars. Now there is no local police department and the saga of the police cars is a story of its own.

DPW now has more than 4000 square feet of space plus additional storage, and is the only department in the city besides the administation.

The administration, including the village meeting hall, has less than 1,200 square feet and does not have a fully handicap accessible toilet room.

Depot Park, where the Village Hall and DPW garage is located, has nothing but portable toilets at the park entrance and then only during the summer.

Since history seems to be repeating itself, it will be interesting to see how it ends this time and if the city bothers to solicit ideas and opinions from the taxpayers who have been paying the rent on 3 E. Church for the last 12 years, or if they will address public requirements instead of just those from the DPW.

Cory Johnston