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Library needed here

December 14, 2011

(In response to:‘Necessity of a library,’ The Citizen, Dec. 10, page 6)

Dear Editor,

In answer to “Who needs our library?” I do. And so do all the residents of Brandon Township and beyond. With my free library card, I have access to 4.6 million books, magazines, newspapers, movies, music, and audio books; electronic research resources; high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi; downloadable e-books; and group meeting rooms and study spaces. Personal, professional assistance is also available to individuals and community groups.

Despite severe budget cuts that have even forced the layoff of some treasured employees, Brandon Township Library is the most vibrant and involved institution in our area, offering a wide variety of free fun and educational events for all ages. While revenue to support these services are going down, the demand for them is going up. From December 2007 to December 2010, items checked out increased by 58 percent, use of public computers and other technology increased by 33 percent, program attendance increased by 37 percent, use of our meeting rooms and quiet study areas increased by 32 percent.

Community life without our library would be greatly degraded. Access to free books, computers, and a marvelous array of services to individuals would cease.

Even if you don’t use the library yourself, please do not disrespect it.

Lois Robbins