Source: Sherman Publications

Oxford police log

December 21, 2011

Monday, December 19 - A man reported to the Oakland County Sheriffs approximately $500 worth of unauthorized charges on his debit card from a establishment in Georgia.

*Injured deer reported on Lapeer Rd. and Dunlap.

*A snow blower was stolen from a garage on Oxford Lakes Dr.

*An individual called the village police and admitted she took some belongings she wasn’t supposed to when she moved from a residence on E. Burdick two weeks ago and wanted to return them.

*Report of a boxer getting loose on Oxford Lakes Dr. While an officer was out searching for the dog, the owner called back and reported the dog had never gotten loose and was in the basement the entire time.

*Suspicious circumstance reported on Woodleigh Way. A garage door to a residence was open. An officer checked the residence, located the homeowner, who told the officer he was waiting for a ride.

*A caller in the Lake Villa Trailer Park stated someone knocked on her door and tried to break into her home, and then tried the same thing at the neighbors residence.

Sunday, December 18 - A resident at Crossroads for Youth assaulted a fellow resident. The attacker punched the victim five times in the head and face and had to be physically taken off of the victim.

*Lost dog reported on West. St.

*Parking complaint on S. Washington for a vehicle parked several hours in a 15 minute parking spot. The owner of the vehicle did not think the restriction applied to weekends, but agreed to move the vehicle.

Saturday, December 17 - A case of child abuse was reported on Indian Lake Rd. A 2-year-old boy had burn marks and scratches on his back and received a mild concussion and a skull fracture from falling out of a chair. Child Protective Services and the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department are investigating the incidents.

*An officer reported seeing flashlights behind a residence on Glaspie St.

*A caller on E. Pennisula Ct. reported smelling smoke in the residence. Everything turned out ok.

Friday, December 16 - An unknown individual spray-painted some graffiti on the Oxford Public Library near the front entrance.

*Retail fraud reported at a store on N. Lapeer Rd. A suspect tried to steal a pair of boots by taking them out of the box, placing them on his feet and attempt to walk out of the store. The suspect was placed under arrest for retail fraud in the third degree.

*A caller on Stoney Lake Dr. reported her husband fell in the bathroom and needed assistance.

*Report of a possible drug overdose on Crawford St. The caller indicated a man was been stumbling and falling, and had been acting like that all day.

*A caller reported a loud and suspicious vehicle driving around Mallard Way.

*Two suspicious vehicles were seen at Scripter Park.

*Skateboarders were reported behind a business on S. Washington. They were sent on their way.

Thursday, December 15 - A man on E. Burdick was yelling at a house across the street from where he was at. The man told officers he had a verbal dispute with another party. After officers spoke with the other party, the man was dropped off at a store in Lapeer.

*A caller on W. Beverly stated his son was in a car accident. The individual was worried that his son’s blood clot in his leg would move, so he requested an ambulance.

*Report of an individual grabbing a door handle at an address on Glaspie. The individual was reportedly a member of a cleaning crew for the house, and the door was supposed to be unlocked. The subject returned later.

*A caller on Country View Dr. called police after hearing neighbors arguing from across the street.

Wednesday, December 14 - Suspicious vehicle reported at Lapeer and Market St.

*A caller on Chirco reported hearing a noise at her back door.

*Caller on Pleasant reported her son ate a muffin with a “pill” buried into it. The son found a white, unidentifiable pill in the muffin and didn’t touch it. The mother reported the son appeared fine.

Tuesday, December 13 - Reports of multiple larcenies from autos reported at Oxford High School. In the first instance, a car radio, iPod, radar detector, radio face and $3 in change was stolen from a unlocked vehicle in the high school parking lot. One student offered to sell a used iPod to a fellow student, which was later identified as the iPod stolen from the vehicle. Another student then came up to the Oakland County Sheriff deputy and reported a gold pendant was taken from his unlocked vehicle. The deputy told both students to make sure they lock their unattended vehicles.

*Dumpers complaint reported in the SE Lot. A white van pulling a trailer was seen dumping pallets into the Village dumpster. The driver of the van was advised.