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Letter to the Editor
Reader has no doubt in Iraq win

December 28, 2011

Dear Editor,

I always enjoy reading your articles. However, something you wrote in "Christmas thoughts" on Dec. 21 bothers me.

You wrote "the troops get out of Iraq for Christmas this year. Whether they won or not can be discussed later..." What! Whether they won or not?

Our military are winners not losers in Iraq, sir. They helped free over 60,000,000 Iraq citizens who now have free elections. They kicked Al Qaeda's butts, the Taliban fled, Hussein is out, Iraq is now a democracy. And you question if they won?

As a veteran, and I am certain all veterans and current warriors, I am offended by you making that comment. Our warriors sacrificed to win over there, and win they did

Mr. Custodio, shame on you for questioning the result.

Bill Hampton