Source: Sherman Publications

Editor's column - Resolutions abound

December 28, 2011

Like many people, I am not good at keeping New Yearís resolutions.

So, rather than make promises I cannot keep, I thought I would suggest some for others in our community.

Hopefully, they have more will power and determination than me.

Lake Orion Community Schools: Resolve to find a new principal for the high school that will stay for a while. It is time the leadership carousel there slow down. The students and staff deserve it. Now that a popular interim principal is in place, the School Board has ample time to find the right man or woman for the job leading the stateís eighth largest high school.

Orion Township Board of Trustees: Resolve to get to the bottom of the Eagle Valley landfill expansion controversy. Weíve been waiting a while for the second legal opinion whether the township has a legitimate case to block the move or not. Letís figure it out. And while you are at it, letís get that new environmental impact study completed Ė itís going on 18 years now since the last one.

Lake Orion Village Council: Resolve to truly develop an actionable plan for attracting and keeping businesses in this community, especially downtown. This starts by changing the mindset that Lake Orion should remain the same village it was 30 years ago. Letís follow the lead of the Downtown Development Authority and Village Council President Ken Van Portfliet to attract commerce.

Lake Orion Voters: Resolve to actively participate in the three elections scheduled for 2012. Not just for U.S. President, but for local elections and ballot issues. However you vote, get engaged in the process by understanding the big issues in our community and the views of the people running for the Supervisor position and Township Board, in particular. Do not assume anything and take the time to exercise your right to vote.

Oakland County Sheriff Deputies and LOPD officers: Resolve to figure out a way to co-exist in our schools to deter trouble and, just as important, work together to proactively encourage our young people to make the right decisions in life.

Lake Orion parents (including me): Resolve to get even more involved in your kidsí lives. Pester the heck out of them if necessary, so you know what is on their minds. If they are struggling, get them help. The potential consequences of not doing so, as we all know, are devastating.

Business owners: Resolve to market your products and services better. There are more choices than ever for consumers living here and, unfortunately, many have less money to spend. Proactively grab their business by proving to them what makes your businesses unique. For those in the village, this starts by keeping your doors open longer, including more night and weekend hours.

Orion Area Chamber of Commerce: Resolve to work with entrepreneurs and Oakland County to fast-track new business development in our community. Give businesses the tools needed to help them open their doors with minimal hassle and build awareness of their products and services among the public.

Indianwood Golf and Country Club: Resolve to make next summerís U.S. Senior Open a win-win success for both you and businesses throughout the township, especially our many restaurants and bars. Work together to drive the thousands of visitors to Lake Orion during the tournament to spend an extra hour or two here before and after watching great golf.

Township Building Department Ė Resolve to address the ordinance issues that have plagued the township over the past several months. If someone is violating an existing ordinance and there appears to be proof, figure out a way to enforce the law effectively.

For my part, I resolve to finally lose the 20 pounds I need to shed. To accomplish this, Leoís Coney Island needs to resolve to open soon so I can get my Greek salads at lunch. No more pizza!