Source: Sherman Publications

Letter to the editor - Budget alert

December 28, 2011

Dear Editor,

The headline in The Review on Dec. 21, “Township 2012 budget finalized,” should have been “Alert!! Two Less Sheriff Deputies for 2012.”

Our township supervisor, JoAnn Van Tassel, found money for two police liaisons for our schools, money for the new Wildwood Amphitheater, money for the new Senior Center, which she admits she has no idea how much it will cost to maintain, but no money to maintain our safety, so how are township residents going to feel safe. Joann Van Tassal stated, “The possibility of cutting township positions to reduce expenses was not really an option,” but we can cut sheriff deputies.

We don’t have to look to Washington to see who our elected leaders are taking care of, it is happening in our own backyard.. Our supervisor JoAnn Van Tassel shows that her friends in township offices and the new buildings are more important then our safety. Remember this at election time.

Mike Buckley