Source: Sherman Publications

Village receives seven parcels from county land bank

by David Fleet

December 28, 2011

Goodrich-The village is just a little larger.

The council took no action on seven 100-by-200 parcels of property on Tara Court, located just east of State Road and north of Hegel Road.

According to the Genesee County Land Bank, the parcels were foreclosed on in 2008 for unpaid taxes and auctioned by the Genesee County Treasurer’s Office on Sept.16 for $13,384. A second auction was held on Oct. 28 at no minimum bid. There were no buyers.

“The land bank does not want the property,” said Jakki Sidge, village administrator. “Since no one purchased the properties, they go back to the village.”

The vacant lots will now be the responsibility of the village to maintain and the village may sell the land when the economy improves.

“The village is a viable place to live,” said Rick Horton, village council president. “We’ll have a chance to make a profit on these parcels. I just can’t see giving property away.”

Councilman Richard Saroli was somewhat cautious.

“There’s value in that property,” he said. “Still, we are not in the business of property ownership. It needs to be back on the taxrolls.”