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Letter to the Editor
Thanks to all who helped family

January 04, 2012

Dear Editor,

We are writing this letter to express our gratitude to the North Sashabaw Elementary staff and school families.

Although NSE supports each and every one of their students, they have gone out of the way for Ryan Kennedy. Ryan is a fourth grader who has Ependymoma Brain Cancer and has battling it for the past five years. Recently our family had to switch hospitals to be able to get the best treatment option for Ryan. He currently is going to Childrens Memorial Hosptial in Chicago is a CERN hospital, Collaborative Ependymoma Research Network. Ryan was accepted into a clinical trial study through the hospital. It is wonderful Ryan was accepted into this trial and he is now part of a system that specializes in his type of cancer. This means Ryan and our family members have to travel to Chicago for treatments and medication.

In order to help the family pay for traveling expenses, the fourth grade teachers and families hosted a two-day bake sale at NSE, raising $1,000. We want to thank Alena Hall, Pam Boewe and Maureen Moss for going above and beyond for Ryan, not just in this situation but everyday they are with him. To all of the families and staff who baked or sent in money for baked goods, thank you!

Thank you to all of Ryan's teachers and staff members who have made baskets for him when he is in the hospital, attended his birthday parties, visited him in the hospital or stopped by the house to show their love and support.

We also want to thank Principal Tara Ouellette for the phone calls about his progress, and doing what she can to make sure Ryan is comfortable throughout the day. Thank you to the team that set up an alternate place for Ryan to eat lunch and have recess, he truly enjoys this time.

We want to say how fortunate and blessed we feel to be a part of the extraordinary NSE school and family community. Thank you NSE for the generous monetary donation, but most of all thank you for the prayers and support you provide each and every day.

We wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

Rob and Kim Karp, Nathan, McKenzie and Ryan, Jill Santola and the rest of Ryan's Family

P.S. The band, The Locals, is playing at Buck Shots on Jan. 28, a fund-raising event to help the family pay for Ryan's travel expenses.