Source: Sherman Publications

Supervisor disability extended

by Trevor Keiser

January 11, 2012

Independence Township received a letter from their insurance carrier, Mutal of Omaha, on Jan. 6 stating Supervisor Dave Wagner’s disability has been extended.

“The letter was pretty simple. It basically said his disability is extended through Aug. 25,” said Human Resource Director Carol Gabris. “Other than that there weren’t any other comments.”

Wagner, who’s been out since April 2011, said he didn’t know why the insurance company would send that notice to the township because he’s not heard anything from his doctors.

“When I go in to see the doctors I’ll find out, you would think they would tell me,” he said. “Why would they take it to August? That’s very troubling to say the least.”

Gabris said doctors and insurance companies communicate with each other.

“The insurance company is going to request information from the treating physician,” she said.

Wagner expected to have a third neck surgery in December, but his doctor went on vacation, so his surgery was delayed until this month, he said.

“That was a real blow when that transpired,” Wagner said.

He was scheduled to see the doctor on Jan. 10 to discuss it. He did note his meds have been reduced.

“Yesterday was finally my last day on the steroids, so that was cool,” he said. “I’m happy about that.”

Trustee Dave Lohmeier said he’s glad the township has a superintendent in place to “keep things going.”

“I’m happy we know (that the disability has been extended) and we can plan, but I’m sad he still has problems,” Lohmeier said. “I wish him the best and hope he gets better.”

Petterson said if Wagner is on disability until August, then he sees no reason for him to come back.

“We might as well remove the position altogether and start weaning the clerk and the treasurer into part-time,” he said. “Let’s just hope the township moves forward in a good direction with or without him.”

Wagner said he “definitely plans on coming back.”