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Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio
Bonded blues

by Phil Custodio

January 11, 2012

So Clarkston voters will decide whether the school district can take out a new $20 million loan.

Iím sure district officials have wonderful uses in mind for the money.

I assume, then, that the "perfect storm" affecting school finances is finally over. This analogy has been used for years to describe government budget problems Ė a combination of increasing employee retirement and benefit costs, decreasing funding from the state, and lower tax revenues due to a slumping economy, etc.

Because no one would advocate taking on more debt in the midst of a floundering economy.

Iím not sure this is the best idea. I agree children are our future and we should do everything we can for them.

I have to say this because people might assume Iím not.

For example, I wouldnít have thought, with me being a veteran and all the stories about veterans Iíve written over the years, anyone would think I was anything but pro-veteran. But I was wrong!

So, again just to be clear, I am pro-children Ė just as Iím sure everyone who has or might speak out against the bond are.

Because the question remains, is this something the Clarkston community can do? Can we afford it?

Why does the school district need $20 million for technology and to fix parking lots? What happened to the districtís maintenance budget?

Is it going to be used to buy technology products? How many students donít have all the products they need already?

If the district wants to teach students something useful, how about teaching them how to program, how to code, HTML so they can design their own websites.

Students certainly donít have to be taught how to use high-tech products. Theyíre designed to be easy to use. Check out whatís posted on Facebook and Twitter and itís clear absolute morons have no problem with using these devices.

Why does the election have to be in May? Thatís $35,000 right there. Why the rush? Would a six-month delay make that much of a difference?

Besides the lower voter turnout a May election would bring?