Source: Sherman Publications

Athlete of The Week
Ruling the court

by Wendi Reardon

January 11, 2012

Junior Erin Davenport has a plan every time she steps onto the court - play her hardest every minute and do what is best for the team.

"She has really stepped up as a leader," said Tim Wasilk, head coach for the Clarkston Girls Varsity Basketball team. "She has had a lot of good games for us and is scoring well. She has defensively been really good and offensively she has created a lot for us."

The passion for basketball began when she would go to her older brother's basketball games. After the first game - she was hooked.

"I loved the tempo," she said.

She began in the backyard and found herself in the midst of playing with teenagers and learning from them not only techniques but what to do in any situation.

"My brother, my dad and a lot of people helped me out," Davenport added.

It helped her as the Lady Wolves made their path to the playoffs last season - conquering the districts championship and playing for the MHSAA Regional title.

"It was something I didn't expect," she admitted. "I am glad we went that far. No one expected us to go that far and we showed them."

Davenport works on her goals every day as the team continues their path on their successful season.

"My goals are to get better each game and treat every practice like it is a game," she said. "Just because we are winning does not mean we are good. We want to be great so we keep pushing ourselves harder and harder."

When she is not playing basketball or doing homework, she is going to the mall, going to the movies or hanging out with her teammate and little sister, Erika.

"She is my best friend," Erin said. " We do everything together. It is fun to have her on the team. We play so good together. It is fun to have her there and I get to play with her again next year in my senior year."

Erin has set her goal to continue playing basketball in college and at the professional level.

For aspiring athletes she gives the advice to never settle for less.

"Keep pushing yourself to be the best player you can be," she added. "Nothing is given to you. You have to work for everything - that goes for basketball and life."