Source: Sherman Publications

Owners of abandoned buildings respond to village requests

by David Fleet

January 11, 2012

Goodrich- A pair of abandoned village structures are getting some attention.

The village council instructed Village Attorney Mike Gildner to resolve issues with the owners of the Goodrich House Apartments near the corner of Hegel and Clarence streets and an abandoned home near Hegel and M-15 following the Dec. 12 council meeting. The village was seeking equitable relief, meaning a judge will allow the village to respond.

Gildner said letters were mailed out to the property owners on Jan 6. The property owners would have 21 days to respond or risk an injunction.

Since that time both property owners have moved forward in rectifying the issues with the buildings.

Christopher Aragon, owner of the Goodrich House Apartments, said the structure will be livable by the fall. The 160-year-old historical building had been home to eight families until a fire ripped through the structure on Sept. 27, 2009. The building was purchased by Aragon in October 2010.

“I’ll finish the building off and will have a new roof on later this year,” said Aragon, who addressed the village council on Monday night. “A tarp is over the roof now to keep the rain out.”

Aragon also told the council that water in the basement of the building would be removed later this month.

“More will be done this summer,” added Aragon.

Similarly, repairs to the abandoned home near Hegel and M-15, owned by Louie Khouri of Bloomfield Hills, were also underway.

Rick Horton, village president, said Khouri has been working on the home following the notification from the village.

“The tarp on the roof has been secured,” said Horton. “There has been work done inside the home. It’s my understanding the structure is going to be a home once again. Both property owners have been cooperating with the village.”

Village Administrator Jakki Sidge said that Khouri came into the village office.

“He plans on rebuilding the home,” she said.

“The progress on both buildings has been much improved and if it continues, further action by the village will not be necessary.”