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Peeking In The Past
A Look Back From The CNews archives

January 18, 2012

15 years ago - 1997

"Horses saved from icy pond” Independence Township Department was called to the house of Tom Patti to rescue three horses that fell through the ice of Patti’s pond. The horses were brought safely, only experiencing sore muscles, bumps and bruises.

"Brothers bound over on drug charges” Matthew and Jesse Covarrubias were in 52-2 District Court to determine whether their cocaine charges would be sent to Oakland County Circuit Court. Two undercover officers testifed three controlled buys had been made prior to a search warrant.

"City speeding fines get noticed in cyberspace.” Ticket writing by the Clarkston Police Department became so well known the department was called the Clarkston Revenue Service by surfers on the world wide web. A website dealing with speed traps listed 8,000 areas nationwide where speedtraps are. The City of the Village of Clarkston was one of them listed.

25 years ago - 1987

"Call to residents for school views” About some 400 Clarkston school district residents recieved phone calls to share their thoughts about a new high school. About 30 questions were included in the survey

"Fuel leak contained on Dixie” A potentially dangerous situation was averted when firefighters controlled a fuel leakage at a local gas station. A gas pump at the Playless Station on Dixie Highway began spouting gasoline while an employee was changing an internal filter in the pump. Approximately 270 gallons of unleaded gas flowed onto Dixie and toward a Michigan Bell building before a dike was constructed.

50 years ago - 1962

"Heroic youth saves house” While skating on icy roads past the Jacob Drake residence on Snow Apple Dr. when he saw 10 year old Tom Drake come running out of his house, his clothing in flames and hurl himself into the snow to extingush the flames. The fire had spread from the fireplace to the tile and a chair near-by. With pans of water, David put the fire out.

"Mrs. Doran wins Jackpot” Mrs. Joseph (Della) Doran was the first person to win the WPON, Pontiac Broadcasting Systems contest. Mrs. Doran answered her phone by saying WPON, 1460, thus winning the money in the jackpot.