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Shelly Says
Back to normal

January 18, 2012

As we embark on the out with the old and in with the new of 2012. Many of us struggle to get it all done, taking down the Christmas decorations and planning our New Year’s Resolutions, oh yea and back to work and get the kids back on their routine for School!

Speaking of that dreaded New Year Resolution- What have you decided to change up for yourself this year? Loose a few LB’s? Save some money? Pay off a debit? Get your kids to bed on time? Meet with friends more? Be nicer to your spouse? Get it all done? Be more organized?

Be more positive? Whew! That makes me OVERWHELMED- Xanax please!!

How many of you plan a little in each area I mentioned, to do a little better than you did last year, then after about a month or two you totally forget your plan? I did when just last week, I took down a 2011 calendar and noticed my goals for the year! OMG was I way off! It was a real “ah-ha” to know that I could have done most of my resolutions or goals IF I WOULDN’T HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT THEM!.. or maybe even not made a list of 20 things to accomplish! I said, “Self it’s time to give yourself a break!”…Geese!

This year I’m going to take a different tactic- one that I have been practicing the last few months!

OH, this just in… it works!

What if we just bit off one bite at a time? It’s not a race we don’t’ have to change everything all by January 31st!

Let’s try and stay off of Xanax, and try a new system in 2012-

1. Pick the top priority of your resolutions

2. Set little measurable goals

3. Keep track on some sort of timeline. Ex. No less than 30 days to measure your progress!

4. Get a buddy to help hold you accountable

5. Then let’s not forget to CELEBRATE even the tiniest of wins!

Once you have accomplished your First Resolution THEN you can move to your next!

Life gets in the way of Life all of the time. It’s up to you to decide what’s in it for you!

I’m Shelly Kovach a long time resident of Clarkston, and your new community columnist for “Shelly Says” – style- fashion-advice- solutions for everyday situations with you in mind!