Source: Sherman Publications

We need the 25 mph speed limit

January 18, 2012

Dear Editor,

(In response to, 'Area gravel road speed limits debated,' The Citizen, Jan. 7, page 1)

The Michigan State policeman, 1st. Lt. Thad Peterson, says that, ďThe speed limit does not dictate the travel speed-itís contrary to many people.Ē I would agree to that; however having the 25 mph sign in place as it was on our road until the state police lobbied successfully to have the gravel road speed limits raised to 55 mph was a reminder to folk that there was caution needed on our road. Thayer Road has no shoulder. From the roadway itself, it goes into drainage ditches or woods except for the drive way cuts. People walking have no choice but to walk on the road and hope to escape to a drive way when a vehicle comes roaring down the road. At 55 mph itís completely unsafe for children visiting neighbor, people walking dogs, joggers and equestrians.

There is a great need for our 25 mph sign to be back in place and I would hope the legislature approves House Bill 52 and companion House Bill 4037 to allow local governments to put signs back into place. Further, I would hope my township supervisor, Bob DePalma, hears the plea of my neighbors to reinstate the 25 mph limit on our road once enacted.

Lorene Mollenhour

Groveland Twp.