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Our Leader headline: World ending this season
2012 wasn't the first "end of the world"

by Jim Sherman, Sr.

January 25, 2012

Our Leader headline: World ending this season

That was the prediction of Professor Pay Astrologer and seer from France as reported in The Oxford Leader in 1928.

“A tremendous noise will be heard, huge numbers will die all over the globe, North and South America will suffer most, the Pope will be assassinated, few people will survive and the survivors will create a new social system as man will become wiser and more tender.”

See, it wasn’t all bad news. Of course Professor Pay said it was all foretold in the Bible.

As I scrounged through that 1928 newspaper and saw that story the thought occurred: How many times have I seen and heard stories of our earth ending?

The Mayans have the most recent announcement, I think (though they made it thousands of years ago). My researcher C. J. says such predictions are common at the end of every century.

Eventually, of course, an excuse is offered, like, oh, I forgot leap year, I had only one strong beverage, it was a computer error or April Fool!

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Next time the media goes wild with the announcement from the Michigan Lottery Commission about someone winning a lot of money in a drawing, I want to see an accompanying story of how much money was wasted trying to win that sum.

(And don’t justify it by saying it goes for education. A gambling scheme should not be used to finance education.)

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Wow, Sunday night after football I was sure happy to have my clicker. Nothing in my tv guide caught my attention, so I just let the programs flit by. Then I clicked to Hee Haw!

Ah, good old country “corn.” Roy Clark, Buck Owens, Ma and Pa Kettle and guitar and banjo pickin’ made my evening.

They just don’t produce shows like that any more.

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When I met John Patrell, he said the Dead Sea was only sick when he was born.

He was the first one I heard tell that joke. I had to call and tell him his joke finally made it big time. Stephen Tyler, a host of American Idol, said it recently, “When I was born the Dead Sea was only sick.”

Smile, John.

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Do you suppose our Founding Fathers voted for legislation without reading it first?

That seems to be the practice in Washington now, at least in Pelosi’s seat.

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• On January 1, a movie was promoted as “One of the best films of the year.” I suppose that was true, but the year was only a day old.

• If pushing gambling, a la Michigan Lottery, is such a great way to raise money for education, why not support police, fire, parks, etc the same way?

• When I had a few bucks to invest some years ago, I gave it to AARP. They keep bragging about their ways of helping seniors, so I ventured. Then I found I could buy stock from the same company they did for less. I turned against AARP immediately.

• With such a high percentage of people telling pollsters they are “undecided” on who to vote for right up to ballot deadlines, I’m wondering: if only one party was listed on the ballot, with only one name on it, would the undecideds still have high numbers? I think many people just want questioners to bug out.

• A baby porcupine said to the hair brush, “Is that you mama?”

• Adam and Eve had the first rib joint.