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My Way
My Way
Cable board doesnít need no stinkiní headhunter

by CJ Carnacchio

January 25, 2012

Iíve never been a fan of local governments constantly employing the services of high-priced consultants.

Yes, there are times when itís necessary to get an attorneyís opinion or have an engineer provide some sort of technical expertise.

But I draw the line when a governing body wants to hire somebody to basically do its job.

Case in point, the Oxford Area Cable Communications Commission last week debated the idea of hiring a headhunter to help it find a new station manager for Oxford Community Television (see story on Page B-1).

Nothingís been decided yet, but I must say Iím opposed to this idea for a few reasons.

One, I find the concept of possibly paying someone a five-digit sum to help hire someone else repugnant, wasteful and shameful.

If the commission is really eager to spend more than $11,000 on something, Iíd rather see that money invested in state-of-the-art equipment, dedicated personnel and quality programming Ė things that could actually enhance the viewing experience and make the station more relevant to the community.

Secondly, the job of advertising, searching, finding and hiring a new station manager should be the cable commissionís responsibility and no one elseís.

It really shouldnít be such a complicated matter that it requires hiring an overpaid headhunter. Weíre looking for someone to manage a public access TV station that covers two townships, not an international space station orbiting the Earth.

Coming up with a list of qualifications and job responsibilities shouldnít be too difficult.

Whatever information the commissioners lack can be ascertained by talking to folks at other TV stations, experts at educational institutions with broadcasting programs and existing OCTV personnel such as Jim Hughes, Bill Service and Dave Kenny.

The great part is none of these options cost a dime.

To me, if the cable commission decides to hire a headhunter, itís choosing to abdicate its responsibility and take the lazy manís route.

Itís also telling the public thereís no reason for its existence.

A cable commission that doesnít feel it has the knowledge or ability to conduct a proper station manager search on its own certainly doesnít have what it takes to oversee whoever it hires for the position.

I urge the governing boards for Oxford and Addison townships along with the villages of Oxford and Leonard to direct their cable commission representatives to reject the high-priced headhunter option and conduct their own search.

Itís not rocket science.

All thatís necessary are dedicated people who are willing to invest the time and effort necessary to do the job right and properly serve the community.

Isnít that why we elect and appoint people to these types of boards?