Source: Sherman Publications

Special elections costly to community

January 25, 2012

Dear Editor,

A special election will be held this February in the 51st District-Genesee County, to replace Rep. Paul Scott (R), who was voted out of office in November 2011. The cost of that special election to my local government, Atlas Township, was about $5,000. This money had to be taken out of the already budgeted general funds. Five thousand unscheduled, unbudgeted dollars is a great deal of money!

In this economy, with high unemployment and under-employment, local governments who are already looking at lower tax revenues coming in, will have to reallocate the $5,000 from other services within the local government. I am glad that I am not working for the local governments in the 51st District-Genesee County, and have to come up with that extra money to pay for special election(s).

Now there will be another special election in February 2012. Taxpayers/voters will have to make a decision as to who will replace former Rep. Scott (R). That will cost my local government, Atlas Township, another $5,000. Again local governments will have to redo budgets, taking away from other services. Makes you frustrated with the ways things in government are played out.

Rick McClain