Source: Sherman Publications

Clarkston scouts inspired by factory visit

February 01, 2012

Cub Scout Pack 163 Independence Elementary toured a local manufacturing facility as part of their "Go See It" initiative, Jan. 16.

Lighthouse Molding, Inc., in Sterling Heights, “overmolds” electronics components with flexible plastic materials to protect them against shock, water, and contaminants.

The scouts offered several thoughts and out-of-the-box suggestions during the tour.

"I should invite you guys out more often," said Scott Lowes, president of Lighthouse Molding.

Fifteen children and their families took the tour, checking out machinery used to inject molten plastic into molds. They examined sample pieces of cured plastic and got to keep their keep their safety glasses.

"Some scouts were reported hours later still wearing their safety glasses, because they thought they were cool," said Garett Patria, pack leader.

– Phil Custodio