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Letter to the editor
Reader responds to defend township trustee

February 01, 2012

Dear Editor,

Everyone in the community should be bothered by Trevor Keiser’s opinion story and his Jan. 25, “Resident wants apology for tractor case” story.

When a citizen of Independence Township calls and points something out to an employee of the township, this is not how their call should have been handled.

I have called code enforcement numerous times about code violations. Each time I call, I’m told that the township must follow established legal procedures to address code violations.

Though I’ve called asking for something to be acted upon, how my call is acted upon on is entirely up to the township. I expect to hold no responsibility for the actions of the township because of my call. And I expect the township to keep my name confidential.

If I had called the department of public works and: “Asked them to have the park’s guys go by the address to see if the tractor in the yard could be the one that belonged to the township.” I wouldn’t expect my name to be released and then to get trashed in the local paper because a township employee didn’t follow the proper procedures!

Why would any resident want to report a concern, violation, etc. if they knew their name was not going to be held confidentially and they were going to be held responsible for everything the township did with their report?

I find it hard to believe that Neil Wallace based his call to the township on the color of the property owner’s skin, and not just color of the missing tractor. Your reporter should have dug a little deeper to see if racial accusations have been made by this person in the past.

How is this the caller’s fault, and why was that callers name released by the township? After reading both of these stories, it appears that Mr. Wallace is the one deserving of an apology!

Mike Powell

Independence Township