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Letter to the Editor
Burn ordinance needs alternatives

February 15, 2012

Dear Editor,

Restricting the current burning privileges of the entire Independence Township community on account of the activism of one individual seems undemocratic.

If we didn't subscribe to the Clarkston News we would not be aware of the possibility that burning was going to be severely curtailed.

Such a drastic action should not be taken without the involvement of the entire community through a public vote.

Independence Township encompasses a broad range of land usage over many square miles and further global restrictions would be burdensome with little or no corresponding benefit.

Providing alternative means for the removal of leaves and brush is not practical or economical for our community.

There are many great alternative places to live with more restrictive ordinances we have all chosen to live in this community with its balanced approach well suited to this area.

John and Ellie Williams

Independence Township