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Letter to the Editor
Disagrees with schools’ May election

February 15, 2012

Dear Editor,

It was just a few years ago that the board decided to move to a November election cycle to avoid the costs of a May election. 

May has traditionally been the month of choice for many school district elections because a low turnout typically ends in favorable election results for the district. The cost to the school district for this special election is $35,000.  The cost to add this proposal to a November ballot is zero.

It is unfortunate that the same four members of the board continue to make poor decisions, but this one can be corrected by the voters on May 8. 

Voting “no” does not mean that our students won’t receive the technology upgrade they ought to have; it simply means that the administration and board members who approved this proposal will have to come back to the voters in November with a much more modest and reasoned proposal, one that does not include wasteful and unnecessary spending in a poor economic and financial environment, and that focuses more dollars on the classroom and the excellent education our students need and deserve.

And when you go to the polls in November, keep in mind that two of the four board members who voted for this proposal are up for reelection. 

With your vote you can let them know how you feel about their track record of poor stewardship.

 Larry Matta

Independence Township