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Letter to the Editor
Ballot language idea to dissolve cityhood

February 22, 2012

Dear Editor,

I am glad to see Mayor Joe Luginski has finally taken the time to publically address the financial issues of being a city ("Officials still see need for cityhood," Feb. 8).

I recommend your readers also read the Clarkston News archives from August and September 2010. Little has changed since then other than the financial status of the city getting worse. The city eliminated the police department back then. It is now two years later and it seems we have the same problems with little left to cut.

I can’t imagine why the mayor and Councilmember Richard Bisio would comments they are “not confident in the township’s abilities and sensitivity to the needs of Clarkston” when most of the city’s services, such as water, library, police and fire are provided and controlled exclusively by the township.

Many of the downtown Main Street events are put on by “Clarkston” organizations and businesses that are in the township, not in the city. Based on the actions of the city government over the last several years, I have far more confidence in the township than I do the city.

I see no reason to pay extra taxes to be a city when the city can do so little. We need protection from our city government, higher taxes, and the city’s inability to do any better.

My proposed ballot language is this:

"A petition to vacate the incorporation of the City of the Village of Clarkston, for it to again be part of the Charter Township of Independence and to require the preservation of the Historic District and Historic District Commission within the township" – per the Home Rule City Act, Act 279 of 1909, MCL 117.14a, the Municipal Historical Commissions Act 213 of 1957, and the Local Historic Districts Act, Act 169 of 1970.

Cory Johnston