Source: Sherman Publications

Firefighters feast on buffalo wings, village cops

by CJ Carnacchio

February 22, 2012

It was greasy, messy and frankly, pretty disgusting, but in the end, it was for a good cause and heck of a lot of fun.

Last week, three Oxford firefighters took on three Oxford Village cops in a no-holds-barred buffalo wing eating contest at the Oxford Tap (36 S. Washington St.).

The competition was part of a fund-raiser for the Oxford Jr. Wildcats, a local youth football program.

Each team was given a large platter piled high with 120 juicy wings. The object of the contest was to consume as many as possible within 15 minutes.

Representing the Oxford Fire Department were Alan Adorjan, Mike Upshur and Carl Rose. Officers Sean Brown, John Drake and Katie Davis represented the Oxford Village Police Department.

With faces drenched in a glistening mixture of sweat and hot sauce, the competitors chowed down at a frantic pace before a cheering crowd of spectators.

Those who did not have the luxury of a front-row seat for the stomach-turning action were able to watch the competition on the barís multiple television sets.

Piles of discarded bones grew larger and entire pitchers of cold water were drained as the competitors dug deep and ate their way to the finish line like true gluttonous champions.

In the end, the ravenous firefighters were victorious as only 27 wings remained on their platter. The cops were close, leaving 41 wings uneaten.

For their efforts, the firefighters received a beautiful plaque, courtesy of Tool Sport & Sign in Oxford. All in all, the event raised more than $1,200 for the Oxford Jr. Wildcats.

Mike Phipps, co-owner of the Tap, offered to donate another $100 if either of the teams were able to completely clear the platter.

Unfortunately, the minds were willing, but the stomachs ultimately weakened.

Maybe next year, guys.