Source: Sherman Publications

Brandon bus inspection

by Susan Bromley

February 22, 2012

Brandon Twp.- The school district recently received an “excellent” bus inspection report.

The Michigan State Police conducts bus inspections annually of every district in the state and the results of Brandon’s inspection this month found only three red tags.

According to the Michigan State Police website, red-tagged buses are deemed to be in an unsafe condition. Michigan law requires the repair of all red tag items before placing the bus back into passenger service.

The Brandon buses that received red tags were for minor infractions, said McMahon— a small air leak on one bus; a slightly loose universal joint on one bus; and a dash light out on one bus.

“We’re very proud,” she said. “Our mechanics keep our buses in great shape and every year we have a great report. They get the credit for catching problems before they become a safety issue. We have so many old buses and to keep them running is a credit to these mechanics who are talented as well as hard-working.”

None of the red-tagged buses had to be kept off the road, McMahon added. They were fixed immediately and were placed back in service.

The district has 27 buses that are used regularly, as well as nine “spare” buses. Each bus logs about 16,000-18,000 miles per year.