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Spiritual Matters
Christian nation or nation of Christians?

February 29, 2012

Many people like to think of the United States as a Christian nation, they even see it as a part of our founding.

This type of thinking is very dangerous because it actually takes us, as Christians, out of our proper place in society.

When we align ourselves with the thought pattern that the United States is a Christian nation, we end up thinking that government is the solution for our problems.

Government is not our solution, God is!

Our government has not been the source of blessing on our country; it has come from the Church.

The scripture is very clear—God looks at the world from the lens of His Church; we are the pupil of His eye.

If the Church takes its proper place, it will not matter if we have an anti-Christian nation because the Word boldly proclaims: “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray…”

He will hear our prayers and heal our land. If we have a pro-Christian nation, but the Church fails to keep our right standing with God, the opposite can also happen.

Our lax attitude towards our Christian responsibility could bring judgment upon our country.

For this reason, as Christians, we must understand that our first responsibility to our nation is to be the salt and light God has called us to be.

Through the influence of Christians in the founding of our nation, it is good to recognize that we have a government that is very conducive to the operation of the Church in allowing our influence to pervade the land.

The biggest problem the early Christians feared in their new government was too much government involvement in religion. For this reason, they were adamant on the separation of church and state.

Most of them were familiar with the European model of state churches, sponsored and supported by governments.

The state-supported churches became dependent on the government, as people do in modern society when the government is seen as the support system to help them in their time of need.

The end result of this will be an overly intrusive government trying to control the behavior of its citizens, or in the case of the Church—trying to control the Church.

The marriage of church and state is an unholy union because the Church is the bride of Christ; we must always remember our fidelity and that help should only come from Him.

The real issue in present society is not the separation of church and state, but separation of God and state.

Our nation has always felt comfortable calling on God; but recently, secularists have advocated the removal of religion from the public square.

As Christians, we must advocate “godliness” as our national heritage.

As “Americans” we should also be very mindful of our Christian heritage and resist the influence of multiculturalists, who insist we divest ourselves of this important heritage.

I also believe it would be wise to promote immigration policies that favor those who share our very important Christian heritage!

The Rev. Loren Covarrubias is pastor of Mt. Zion Church.