Source: Sherman Publications

Romney takes Oxford, Addison

by CJ Carnacchio

February 29, 2012

Republican voters in Oxford and Addison townships followed the rest of Michigan in Tuesday’s primary election by selecting Mitt Romney as their choice to be the GOP’s presidential nominee.

In Oxford, Romney received 1,065 of the 2,561 GOP ballots cast. He was followed by fellow Republican contenders Rick Santorum (872), Ron Paul (377) and Newt Gingrich (187).

A total of 48 Oxford voters marked the “uncommitted” option on the GOP ballot.

The rest of the votes were divided amongst the other seven Republican candidates, the majority of which had previously suspended their presidential campaigns, but remained on the Michigan ballot.

Over in Addison, the vote was a little closer among the 1,089 Republicans who participated in the primary.

Romney received 456 votes to Santorum’s 378. They were followed by Paul (112) and Gingrich (104).

A total of 31 GOP voters chose the “uncommitted” option.

On the Democratic side, President Barack Obama was the only candidate on the ballot. However, voters were given an “uncommitted” option as well.

In Oxford, Obama received 182 votes, while 53 Democrats cast “uncommitted” ballots.

Of the 88 Democratic ballots cast in Addison, 75 were for Obama, while 13 were “uncommitted.”

None of the Democratic votes actually count for anything because the party will officially select Obama as its candidate in a May 5 caucus. Primary votes will not affect the outcome of this caucus.

Voter-turnout was not very high in either Oxford or Addison.

Of Oxford’s 14,701 registered voters, only 2,801 (or 19.05 percent) cast a ballot.

Addison saw 1,177 (or 23.89 percent) of its 4,927 registered voters participate in the primary.