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Shooting Stars
New home for teapot collector

by Phil Custodio

March 07, 2012

For teapot collector Judy Ableser, the fun is in the never-ending search.

“People ask me if I look on Ebay – absolutely not,” said Ableser, who lives in Independence Township with her husband, Jeffrey. “I love the hunt.”

She has about 500 teapots of all sizes, shapes, and materials displayed throughout the house. They recently moved to the Clarkston area from Ontario, and the collection played a part in their house search.

“We absolutely looked at houses with an eye for how they could accommodate my teapots,” Judy said. “This house is perfect. It has a lot of built-in shelves, all sorts of nooks and crannies for teapots.”

She became interested in teapots as a potter, when she made some herself.

“Throwing a teapot is one of the hardest things to do – I appreciate a good one,” she said.

The pots she made are among the few that are functional. Most of her collection is works of art.

“I collect really funky teapots – the funkier, the better,” she said. “It is quite the collection.”

She collected several with her family in mind. Many are cartoon and animal characters, acquired when their three children were growing up, and some are glass art, which her husband enjoys.

“He allows me to do my thing,” Judy said. “He built all these shelves and puts up with the craziness – he’s good that way.”

She enjoys going to art fairs and shops to look for new items.

“There’s no such thing as a complete collection,” she said. “And I enjoy discussions with artists. This is my passion.”