Source: Sherman Publications

Keep communications open

March 07, 2012

As the saying goes, ďthe solution to bad speech is more speech.Ē As your local community newspaper, we believe that Ė thatís why weíre here.

Thatís not what we see in the communications guidelines for members of the Clarkston Board of Education.

School administration issued a nine-point memo to all staff, eight of which say what school board members canít say or do in our schools.

We think school board members should be encouraged to communicate with as many employees, voters, and residents as possible.

Lack of communication leads to miscommunication, such as the idea that the school board is united behind the proposed $20 million bond.

Itís not. The school board voted 4-3, Jan. 9, to approve the May 8 special election. It voted 4-3 on the Feb. 27 one-mill vote .

Majority rules, so the measures passed. But that doesnít mean each board member must agree, just as it is for any other elected official.

The rules emphasize collective decision making, setting aside the individual in favor of collective interests.

Thatís not the way this country was set up. Everyone wants informed voters. If administration doesnít like a board memberís speech, provide more speech.