Source: Sherman Publications

Brief - Orion Township consent agenda

March 07, 2012

Notice of solicitation - The Michigan Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Church submitted a request to Orion Township on March 5 to conduct a summer mission in the township during June, July and August. The board approved the request as part of their consent agenda.

Paint Creek Trailway Commission - The township is represented on the Paint Creek Trailway Commission by Treasurer Alice Young and Edward Peters, both of who can rely on alternate members Trustee Mark Crane and Jeffrey Phillips. Phillips, however, had not attended a meeting in some time and when asked about the absense asked to resign. Director of Parks and Recreation for Orion Township Lisa Sokal, in the meantime, had shown a keen interest in the position. She also lives close to the Cider Mill in Goodison where the meeting are held in the winter months. The resignation and appointment were both approved under the consent agenda.