Source: Sherman Publications

LOHS primes for art show

March 07, 2012

By Tahra Gribbin

Review Intern

Lake Orion High School host its annual art show and silent auction this Sunday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. which will feature works by many of the students involved in LOHS art classes and after school art clubs.

“The art show consists of basically everything that the art kids worked on all year,” said Julie Stocker, one of the art teachers at LOHS. “The AP students will have their best pieces and portfolios on display and other kids will have what they worked on all quarter. There’s also photography class that I teach, so their pictures will be displayed this year too.”

The students held a “lock in” on Friday afternoon from 3 p.m. to 9p.m. to create their final pieces and set up the displays which will hang in the lobby of the LOHS auditorium. AP art student Danielle Poisson named this as one of the reasons she appreciates her art teachers at LOHS.

“They have helped us all a tremendous amount, sacrificing lots of time and energy to go the extra mile for us,” she said. “A lot of teachers wouldn’t do half of what [Mrs. Wilson] does for us, and she should know it’s deeply appreciated.” 

Katarina Evans, a Lake Orion senior currently doing an independent study photography class, is one of the many students who will have their work up for sale at the auction. One of the photographs she wants to sell is her piece, “Don’t Leave Me Here,” which won a Gold Key in the recent scholastic competition. 

“This piece was inspired by my dog misbehaving so I put her in her cage and she started pouting” said Evans. “It looked so cute that I decided I had to take a picture of it. After I processed it, it turned out to be a very dark piece which reflected the negativity associated with animal abuse.” 

Stocker said the show is really much bigger and more important than the results of the many competitions during this time of year. She said it was a chance for the students to showcase their work and show off their accomplishments.

“It’s also an excellent opportunity for the members of our community,” said Stocker. “It’s a great time to pick up some very good and valuable art pieces at a cheap price.”

The art show and auction opens to the community on March 11 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the auditorium lobby of the high school. After that, the art show runs in the lobby during school hours for a few weeks. Lake Orion students are encouraged to stop by and see what their fellow students have accomplished.